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Wairarapa Timebank

About the Wairarapa Timebank

The Wairarapa Timebank is centred in Carterton however we welcome and encourage people from the wider region to join and trade.

What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is a way of trading skills in our community. Time is the currency.

Timebank members share their skills with other members within the community and get credits for the work done.

With timebanking everybody’s time is equal, no matter what type of work is done – one hour work earns one hour credit. Every person is equally valued.

Who can join the Timebank?

Anyone can join the timebank and earn time credits by contributing to others.

Individuals, groups, organisations, government agencies, schools, churches, businesses – they all can become members and contribute time, energy, skills and resources.

Why join a Timebank?

Timebanking adds richness to people’s lives and maintains vibrancy in the community.

Timebanking builds relationships and trust.

Timebanking is a safe environment for giving and receiving, skills exchange, education and care for each other.